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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a CSA Program? 
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a program where a farm offers memberships of weekly seasonal produce to various local customers.  Through participating in a CSA program, participants are able to support their local farmer, by providing an income to the farm in the beginning of the season when seeds and other materials are being purchased and planted.  Members sign up in advance and pay a designated amount in return for a share of the weekly harvest during the picking season.  The members are then able to pick up shares at the farm, weekly, comprised of various vegetables depending on the time of year.


What types of vegetables will be available?
Vegetables change season to season.  One benefit of signing up with our CSA program is that we offer hydroponically grown lettuce and greens all year long.  Typically our winter program is mainly comprised of specialty greens and root vegetables.  Our early spring program is composed of vegetables that tolerate the colder climates, in addition to greens.  Our summer CSA offers a wide variety of produce (many varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, etc.), in addition to various types of lettuce. We plan out each week of our CSA shares with care to ensure that you receive a wide variety of produce throughout the season.


Is Livy's Lettuce & Greens organic?
While we are not certified organic, Livy's Lettuce & Greens grows all produce PESTICIDE FREE and HERBICIDE FREE.  Rather than using harsh sprays and chemicals, we use a system of integrated pest management, which is an effective and environmentally conscious approach to managing pest damage through the use of beneficial insects.


How does Livy's Lettuce & Greens grow vegetables in the winter?
We have been experimenting with growing in the winter for over three years. During this time we were able to refine our crop to specific varieties of plants that thrive in the cold.  We use the cover of greenhouses, but do not heat these houses.  The sun heats the houses during the day and at night the thermostats are set to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  We also plant directly into the ground, and cover the plants at night to prevent freezing.  Overall, we have found that this method creates produce that is bursting with flavor!  


Are there any downsides to participating in a CSA program? 
The majority of the vegetables that you receive are highly dependent on the farmer’s harvest for that particular week.  This means that some weeks you may not receiving the wide variety that you are hoping for or that you receive a vegetable you don’t particularly like.  You are not able to choose what you will be receiving in your weekly box.  If there is an item we know that you don’t like, we can try to keep you from receiving it, but depending on the harvest this might not be possible.  Additionally, during the winter months vegetables tend to grow much slower.  It is quite possible that there will be some point during the season that you may receive vegetables every other week.  This does not happen often, and we will extend the season as necessary to ensure that you receive all the weeks that you paid for.


What if there is something unwanted in the box?
If there is something you really don’t like, ask us if we can swap it out for you.  There may be occasions when we cannot do this for you, but the majority of the time we can give you more of something that you prefer instead.


What if I go on vacation during the CSA program?
If you go on vacation you have the opportunity to either get a larger amount of vegetables the week before/after, arrange to pick up the share on a different day, have a family member or friend pick up the share for you, or if possible, we can extend your share an additional week.  Just let us know what is going on and we will work with you to find a solution.


Is there a refund policy?
We do not offer any refunds.  However, you may transfer your membership to a different season.  Just contact us prior to the start of the program so we can make the necessary arrangements.


Do I have to work on the farm as part of my membership?
Some CSA memberships require additional involvement from the members, but we do not.  If you are interested in getting involved or seeing how all of our vegetables are grown, just let us know.  We would be more than willing to show you around the farm or let you help with the weekly harvest.


When and where do I pick up my weekly shares?
Shares can be found at our farm and are available Saturdays after 1:00pm.  We will pick all of the vegetables going into the shares Saturday morning so please be patient with us and understand that if you come before 1:00pm, they will not be ready.  If no one is at our farm, help yourself to the outdoor cooler.  A box will be waiting in the cooler with your name on it, ready to go home to eat! Need to make other arrangements, email us and we can arrange to deliver your share or meet at a location closer to you!


What if my questions still have not been answered?
Email us at and ask away!

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